Thursday, 23 July 2015

Postcards from Canada: 2

My sketch of the church during the recital
We enjoyed a Noon-Hour organ recital today at St James' Anglican Church in Orillia. We were entertained with half an hour of organ music based on folk tunes from 'Clog Dance' by H Hanson to 'In the hall of the Mountain King' by E Grieg played by Marilyn Reesor who was most accomplished.

Before that we went to the church's Wednesday Loonie's lunch of homemade soup with bread and if you were very lucky some conversation. Sadly though my neighbour wasn't in the mood for chatting. The good ladies of the church had laboured away all morning to give us a choice of chicken noodle soup or Italian Wedding soup or Butternut squash. This was the first time I'd had Italian Wedding soup and for those who don't know it has meatballs and pasta in it. I think if I make this sometime I'll go big on the meat and pasta but it was very tasty.

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