Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Geese in Clissold Park

This post was originally published as 'Time for a wash and brush-up' on my blog Drawing my way round London blog on 26 November 2014.

I've decided that I've been treating this blog (Drawing my way round London) much like the cupboard under the stairs and have been ignoring it for far too long. So I've also decided that I am going to post random sketches that I have been doing in London over the last few months.

Here are two geese in Clissold Park where I met a few other artists at the inaugural outing of the Art in the Park sketching group back in April this year. I'm not used to attempting to draw wild life so this was a bit of a departure for me and I like the comical result.


Heather James said...

This comment was published by Jacqui Boyd

Looking forward to more random posts. I love the freshness of this sketch. Do you have plans to work on studio paintings with these sketches?

I have not set foot in my studio for weeks (other than to dump a few books there). Think its a combination of avoiding the painting I was doing and the ongoing flooring project downstairs, which is making me very unsettled. Plan to go out with a blast and paint every day in December! (flooring projects permitting) I actually have an idea for a painting and can almost visualize it in my head. It will be different from my current work but based on that experience.

Heather James said...

Thanks Jacqui for your comments, they really lifted my spirits. I can well understand that with your ongoing flooring project you wouldn't have time to think about art never mind doing any. I've been thinking of painting a still life because I have been inspired by looking at yours.

Heather James said...

This comment was left by Penny Howard

I love this sketch and so pleased that I bought the card you have made of it for my bird loving aunt - nice to learn the history of it and also love the concept of "art in the park" x