Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Time for a bit of nostalgia

 This post was originally published on my blog Drawing my way round London on 9 March 2013.

I'm on a mission to fill my existing sketch books before I buy any more. I've got quite a way to go with this but today I completed one small book I inherited from my mum who made a couple of drawings in it before she lost interest. I thought, before I file it away with the other sketch books, I would look through it and of course I ended up remembering where I was and what I was doing when I made each drawing. So here are, for your amusement, a few moments of my life committed to paper.
At home, 14 October 2002
My mobile phone looks so old fashioned!
I like to pass the time sketching incognito
Life drawing class 16 January 2003

Dad died 13 February 2003. I didn't touch this book again until June 2010 when I got my job with the Liberal Democrat Party. The following drawing was completed at lunch time in Victoria Tower Gardens.
Trying out water soluble pencils
Woman on the train heading north
This drawing was made as the train was rattling along the east coast line before Christmas 2012 shortly after I had left my job with the Lib Dems. Sketch books are very like a diary and I don't normally show them to many people but you can, if you like, view a few other sketches from this book on my flickr page.

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